Late-night TV continues its siege of Donald Trump in the wake of his demeaning comments towards women, suggesting he kissed and grabbed women without consent.

Over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah dug into Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon's comments about turning Bill Clinton “into Bill Cosby,” delivering a blistering take on how Trump may actually be worse than Cosby.

Noah certainly didn't defend any of the two men's behavior, but pointed out that only of of them made bragging about his sexual exploits part of his brand.

“You want to talk about Bill Cosby?” Noah said. “Think about it. With Cosby, it took 20 women before people started believing it. The difference was, he’s Bill Cosby. Because before his victims came forward, Cosby hadn’t spent his entire career bragging about what he had done."

"He wasn’t doing that," he continued. "Trump was.”

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers blasted Trump's defenders in the Republican Party, saying surrogates like Ben Carson to Mike Huckabee will go to "any lengths" to excuse his behavior.

And why? Rape culture. “When people ask why women wait to report sexual assault, that’s why," he said. "Because instead of believing them, you question their motives. Stop pretending there’s an optimal time for women to go public with these kind of allegations."

"It’s not like if you do it in the first 24 hours, you get a parade and an iTunes gift card.”

Reminder: only 24 days until the election's over.