Seared ground beef burger served on roasted garlic butter toasted pretzel bun, with sliced tomato, crispy shallots, spinach, pastrami rubbed bacon, Swiss cheese and Hamburg sauce.


8oz Ground beef burger Pattie 80/20

1ea Pretzel Bun

2oz Garlic Butter

2sl. Pastrami Spiced Bacon

2oz Hamburg Sauce

2sl. Ripe Tomato

2oz Spinach

2oz Fried Shallot

2sl. Swiss Cheese


Sear beef in Pan to desired temperature, Spread garlic butter on bun, then toast. Prepare pastrami spiced bacon by seasoning bacon with Pastrami Spice Blend, and cooking in sauté pan until crispy. Heat grape seed oil to 350 degrees and fry shallots that have been dusted in cornstarch. Drain shallots on paper towel. Prepare hamburger sauce by mixing ¼ cup mayo, ¼ ketchup, 1 tbsp. pickle juice, and salt and pepper. Place cooked burger patty on bun, top with Swiss cheese, add spiced bacon, and spoon sauce over burger. Top with spinach, tomato and shallots. Serve immediately.

Pastrami Spice Blend:



black pepper

ground ginger

onion powder

brown sugar


8oz 90/10 Ground Beef Pattie

Pretzel Bun

Garlic Spread

( 2T margarine and ½ tsp granulated garlic mixed together)

Pastrami Spiced Turkey Bacon

Lite Hamburger Sauce

2 Slice Roma Tomato

2 oz Baby Spinach

2 oz Bake Shallot

1 Slice Swiss Cheese

Pastrami Spice Blend

Pastrami Spice Blend



black pepper

ground ginger

onion powder

Splenda brown sugar

Preseason your burger with the pastrami spice, then place on a pre-heated grill and cook to 140 degrees. Next, prepare your pastrami spiced bacon by liberally seasoning with your pastrami spice blend. Then place your seasoned bacon on a sheet pan and cook at 400 degrees until crisp. While your bacon is cooking, slice your shallots paper thin, and place on a small sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Bake until crisp but not burnt. Prepare hamburger sauce by mixing ¼ cup fat free mayo, ¼ C ketchup, 1 T pickle juice, salt, and pepper. Spread your garlic spread on the top and bottom bun and toast quickly on your grill. Now place your grilled burger patty on the bottom bun, then top with Swiss cheese, spiced bacon, and hamburger sauce. Top with spinach, tomato, and shallots. Serve immediately.