Dr. Alok Trivedi is author of Chasing Success. It’s a story that most people can relate to: chasing the American dream. But what happens when you work so hard to capture the corner office, big house and fancy car, that life passes you by and you miss the really important things? The book will make you ask: Who am I really? It’s a story that reflects the battles many people find themselves up against in today’s world: the struggles to meet the ever increasing demands of business, family, success, life balance and personal fulfillment.

About Dr. Trivedi

Dr. Alok Trivedi is an expert in psychological behavior dynamics. He is the founder of the Aligned Performance Institute, which is dedicated to helping people achieve a higher level of performance and increased fulfillment through personal and professional development. Dr. Trivedi speaks, trains and consults internationally working with Fortune 500 teams, entrepreneurs and other high performing achievers.

alignedperformanceinstitute.com/ and chasingsuccessbook.com