Election season can be a tough time for retired late-night hosts. Especially this year, when we've seen names like Jon Stewart and David Letterman resurfacing to crack political jokes.

On Monday night, it was Jay Leno's turn, as Jimmy Fallon tagged him in during his opening monologue, giving Leno the stage to make fun of the usual 2016 suspects.

He kicked off his bit by taking aim at Hillary. "Hillary Clinton got quite the scare tonight. A trick-or-treater came to her door dressed as a lie detector," he joked, as various crowd members booed.

Trump was next in his crosshairs, before he moved on to mocking Billy Bush, Barack Obama, Anthony Weiner and the entire American electorate who got our country into this mess.

"I'm optimistic. Out of more than 325 million Americans, we were able to narrow it down to the two best-loved, most qualified people," he said.

Later in the show, Leno sat down with Fallon to share a story about the time a bouncer stabbed a man for "inconveniencing" the late night star. Yikes.