LAKEVIEW, Texas -- A home featured on the Texas TV show 'Fixer Upper' is up for sale.

Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines may recognize this 'Barndominium' from season three.

It’s now listed for $1.2 million in lacy Lakeview, Texas that's just north of Waco.

Turns out, it's on the market after the owner, Kristi Bass, decided to buy it off of the family that Chip and Jo originally restored it for because she wanted to make fast cash by renting it out to fans.

However, that ultimately disturbed neighbors in the area.

Now Chip and Jo are working on being stricter with contracts involving their show to clients moving forward according to their spokesperson. The couple wants to work with clients who actually live in the homes they restore.

You can watch fixer upper on HGTV.