Don't spill your coffee. There could be a Gilmore Girls Lego set in the works soon.

But they need your help to make it happen.

With the new Netflix series of the ‘Gilmore Girls,’ the fan craze for the show has returned to mainstream and now your childhood dreams of a toy set based off the show may be coming true.

Lego has an ideas tab on their website where people can submit new ideas for new Lego sets.

According to Mashable, Rainer Zufall is to thank for the Gilmore Girls idea.

His set is based on Luke’s Diner and includes six characters from the show. Zufall came up with the idea thanks to his wife who is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls and he loves Legos.

So he thought this would be the perfect thing to build for her if it existed. Now, fans of the show are melting over the idea.

As of now, the idea has 5,000 votes but they need 10,000 before Lego even starts to think about bringing it to life.

Just go to to cast your support for the set.