ORE CITY, Texas -- A spinoff series from a popular CBS sitcom debuted Monday night with a true East Texas connection.

"Young Sheldon" is about the adolescent days of one of the main characters of the "Big Bang Theory" who grew up in a fictional town in East Texas.

A young talent and Ore City native plays George Cooper Jr. on the show; but to his best friend back home, it's just Montana Jordan.

Shawn Johnson, one of Jordan's close friends, said Jordan is a humble person from East Texas. Some say making it in Hollywood changes a person, but Johnson said it doesn't apply to Jordan. He's still the same person inside and out.

"He's like a brother," Johnson said.

Even though Jordan has an acting gig in California, his friend said his roots are definitely from East Texas. Close friends said he goes 'dirt biking' and plays football like any other teen from East Texas. Jordan is described to be: humble, country, laid back and someone who is well-known in the Ore City community.

"You'd be talking, people be hearing talking about Montana and they'd budge in your conversation and be like 'yeah, Montana,'" Johnson said.

His friends had a watch party Monday night during the series debute. When asked how was it seeing a close friend on a national television show, 'awesome', was how Johnson described it.

According to Johnson, "It's not every day one can say their best friend is an actor."

The second episode of 'Young Sheldon' is expected to air Nov. 2.