The prospect of new Taylor Swift music in 2017 may no longer be limited to our wildest dreams.

All of Swift's social media accounts were blacked out on Friday (Twitter, Instagram and her own website, to name a few), sparking speculation of a much-anticipated new album announcement.

No one's sure yet whether it's really preparation for new music or if she's been hacked, but the fact that Friday marks the three-year anniversary of Swift's Shake It Off release and 1989 album announcement further ignited fans' excitement about the possibility of her sixth album.

USA TODAY has reached out to Swift's reps for clarification on what's going on, but for now, here are the best fan reactions to her social media blank space:

They had important questions.

Is the internet broke?!

OR#TS6isComing ?!@taylorswift13 @taylornation13

— Keith Georgeone (@kgeorgeone) August 18, 2017

They tried not to freak out.

Some were a little skeptical.

Others thought Swift might be amused by fans' ecstatic reactions: