Selena fans raising money to honor the beloved singer with a "memorial piece in the Alamo City."

San Antonio artist Luis Munoz created a GoFundMe page to begin raising funds on behalf of the LA Prensa Foundation for The Selena "Amor Memorial" Project. The page went live on Thursday around 9 a.m.

The project... to create a memorial piece to honor the Queen of Tejano music in the Alamo City, her second home. The purpose is to inspire young artists and musicians to follow in her footsteps.

"Let's not just SAY we love her, let's SHOW it," Munoz said.

On the GoFundMe page, Munoz said this is a tribute piece for her, for her fans... by her fans. Their motto, "one dollar at a time, one share at a time."

Munoz said he his reasons for being a mega-fan of the Tejano superstar are many, but noted a very personal connection. "She died on the same date as my brother," Munoz said. "So that date of her death meant a lot to me."

Munoz also said that the fundraiser isn't just for the memorial, but to help continue her legacy. A portion of the money that is being raised will go directly to the children of San Antonio. "Through the La Prensa Foundation, we will create the 'Amor Arts Scholarship,' a grant for young musicians and artists in SA," Munoz wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Munoz said he has been waiting for years to see a Selena memorial in the Alamo City. "Since she died I've been waiting 20 years for someone to do something in San Antonio," Munoz said. "No one has done it. I just wanted to step up and give it a shot."

Munoz said that Councilman Roberto Treviño has been a great supporter and vocal champion of this project. This is not Munoz' first artistic venture in the Alamo City. In 2016, he created the 'I Love Tacos So Much' wall across from Viva Tacoland.