He's been a fixture on the red carpet during big Hollywood awards ceremonies. Now get ready for Ryan Seacrest to be a fixture on the morning-show circuit as Kelly Ripa's new partner.

Nearly a year after Michael Strahan left his seat next to Ripa on her weekday talk show, she announced that former American Idol host Seacrest is her new co-host. And so Live With Kelly will add "Ryan" to the show's title at some point.

ABC's popular morning show with Ripa competes in many markets against the third hour of NBC's Today. Seacrest, whose industry credits includes both television and radio gigs as well as producing reality TV series, is not new to ABC as he is host of the network's annual broadcast of Dick Clark's Rockin Eve on New Year's Eve.

CNN reported the Seacrest news ahead of Monday's show. It was confirmed early during Live's broadcast. The two appeared together and he told her, "So happy. So excited."

Ripa posted a video to Twitter on Sunday afternoon in which she took a sip from a Live with Kelly mug that also included a question mark. She said in the video, "Tune in tomorrow. Trust me."

The show says it's "growing to two" on TwitterAnother post has "announce co-host" on Ripa's "to do" list.

Numerous celebrities have filled in as co-hosts with Ripa over the past year, including Jerry O'Connell, Fred Savage and Andy Cohen.