Whether it's a reference to the eclipse, Game of Thrones or Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift has returned with her first social media posts since wiping her accounts on Friday, and it's a total mystery.

Just after 11 a.m. ET on Monday, Swift posted a ten-second video of what appears to be a snake's tail on Instagram and Twitter.

The posts are the first updates on Swift's social media sites since her official pages were blacked out (including Twitter, Instagram and her own website) prompting speculation of a new album announcement.

Coincidentally, Friday marked the three-year anniversary of Swift's Shake It Off release and 1989 album announcement, hinting that her much-anticipated sixth album may be around the corner.

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Joseph Kahn, Swift's go-to music video director, quoted her tweet with a smiley-face, prompting more fan speculation that the two are collaborating on a surprise.

If the figure in the Swift video turns out to be a snake, it's a hilariously self-aware choice for the star, who has been associated with reptilian imagery since her drama with Kim Kardashian last year. Right around the time Kardashian "exposed" Swift on social media, she tweeted a string of snake emoji, which fans interpreted as her taking shots at Swift. And earlier this year, Swift fans commemorate the anniversary of the drama by celebrating "National Snake Day" on July 17 as a holiday in Swift's honor.

Twitter had plenty of jokes about the snake, not all of them positive.