We're not entirely sure what's going on in John Mayer's new music video for Still Feel Like Your Man, but we know one thing: The singer/songwriter finally dances onscreen.

Mayer tweeted Wednesday that after fans asked him for years to show off his moves, he "did this for them." And by "this," he means dab in a hallway and groove with people in panda costumes.

As for the rest of the video – outside of the funky choreography – it has a Kill Bill feel, with an eye-patched woman, swords, kung fu moves and a Bill stand-in who is deciding whether John deserves to be gifted a box. What's in that box? It appears to be a butterfly, which apparently has something to do with a beautiful woman who wears a butterfly-adorned veil.

Sure, why not?

The video, which is of a song inspired by Mayer's ex Katy Perry, arrives almost three years after Mayer's last music video upload on Vevo, which featured Perry. So maybe the video's Asian-inspired aesthetic has something to do with Perry's 2013 AMA performance? Then again, maybe not.

John Mayer's new album, The Search For Everything will be released in its entirety April 14.