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We checked with our KHOU 11 News team to find out what favorite tunes are on their playlists these days.

Ron Trevino

KHOU 11 News, Weekend News Anchor

"My favorite 80s song would have to be anything by Prince."

A little about my musical taste..
My musical tastes are all over the map. I like everything from The Beatles to George Strait to The Chainsmokers. Some Renee Fleming thrown in to cleanse the palette.

What do you like to dance to?
When I dance, nothing beats 1970's jams. Some Earth Wind and Fire always gets me going and biting my lower lip on the dance floor.

Favorite dinner music?
I don't really listen to music. I eat at dinner.

Favorite song genre?
Favorite genres? Alternative rock, classic vinyl, and the occasional Death Metal.

What songs do you work out to?
When I work out, 8 days a week btw, I'm inspired by downloaded monastic chants, which keep my loud grunts in rhythm.

Favorite music download site?
Downloads? I usually use Apple Music. 9 bucks a month and the entire world of music is mine. Listening has never been so easy!

Rock or Country?
Rock or Country? Why choose? I love both!

What CD is in your deck now?
What CD is on my deck right now? What is a CD? What is a deck???

Favorite 80s song?
My favorite 80's song would have to be anything by Prince.

Who are you rooting for this year?
My photographer says I should be rooting for Maren Morris at the Grammy's. But, I'm also going for Beyoncé, Sturgill Simpson, 21 Pilots and the Chainsmokers.

Disco or Hip Hop?
It all depends on the song.

Song you sing out loud to?
I sing out loud to EVERYTHING in the shower. But I'm partial to Do You Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart. Only, I channel Sinatra or Robert Goulet when I sing it.

Top songs on your playlist?
(In random order and only the clean versions)

“Brazil” - by Declan McKenna
“Love on the Weekend” - by John Mayer
“On Hold” - by The XX
“Somebody Else” - by The 1975
“Return of the Mack” - by Mark Morrison
“I'm Not the Devil” - by Cody Jinks
“Peace Piece” - by Bill Evans Trio
“Midnight in Harlem” - by Tedeschi Trucks Band
“Closer” - by The Chainsmokers
“Go Robot” - by The Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Bad and Bougee” - by Migos