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We checked with our KHOU 11 News team to find out what favorite tunes are on their playlists these days.

Jason Bristol
KHOU 11 News, Evening Sports Anchor

"Alternative and Rock are my favorite tunes."

A little about my musical taste..
Alternative, Rock

What do you like to dance to?
Dance music

Favorite dinner music?

Favorite song genre?
Alternative, old-school rap, rock

What songs do you work out to?
Anything fast-paced

Favorite music download site?
I don’t download music

Rock or Country?

What CD is in your deck now?
People still listen to CDs?

Favorite 80s song?
Rock the Casbah/The Clash

Who are you rooting for this year?
David Bowie

Disco or Hip Hop?
Hip Hop

Song you sing out loud to?
Anything Beastie Boys

Top 11 songs on your playlist?
"How you like me now?" - The Heavy
"Zero" - Smashing Pumpkins
"Let it Rock" - Kevin Rudolf
"Shake your Rump" - Beastie Boys
"Unglued" - Stone Temple Pilots
"Ladies and Gentleman" - Saliva
"Desire" - U2
"I ain't No Joke" - Eric B. & Rakim
"Think about it" - Special Ed
"Lake of Fire" - Nirvana
"Happy" - Pharrell Williams