A movie filmed in San Antonio is shining a light on a serious issue: human trafficking.

Known as modern-day slavery, millions of people fall victim to human trafficking, mostly females and children. It’s a tough conversation, but it needs to happen.

“Run,” which was filmed in San Antonio and surrounding areas, brings to light what is left in the dark. The faith-based dramatic thriller follows a young journalist who reports on human trafficking, fighting to expose it, only to get kidnapped herself and sold into sex slavery on the night of her wedding.

“It’s a very tough subject. [The movie] is light-hearted enough and gets the point across to kids to stay off the internet with people they don’t know. But it still drives the point home: no true violence or nudity,” said Desera Browne with Strong Foundation Films.

The movie stars Stephen Baldwin, Taylor Murphy, and Josiah Warren and will premiere in San Antonio on Thursday, March 9 at the Palladium IMAX at The Rim before going national. Tickets are $15 and must be purchased in advance by calling 303-349-6177 or online at RunFeatureFilm.com.

All profit proceeds will go directly to dozens of local organizations like the Heidi Search Center and Alamo Youth Center.

“When this movie goes to national release, more and more money will be able to be released to these organizations,” Browne said. “We want to be able to build homes in locations for recovery and supply what’s needed: recover the victims and give them a place to stay and recover.”

Hundreds are expected for the red carpet experience.