A week after losing wife Mary Tyler Moore, her husband of 33 years, Dr. S. Robert Levine, shared memories of the TV icon with People.

“I can’t believe she is gone. Mary was my life, my light, my love," he wrote in a statement. "The emptiness I feel without her with me is without bottom. She was a force of nature who fiercely defended her autonomy even as her health was failing."

Moore died Jan. 25 of complications related to her nearly 50-year-long battle with Type 1 diabetes.

“She was kind, genuine, approachable, honest, and humble," Levine continued. "And she had that smile. Oh, to see her smile that smile, just once more. … My sadness is only tempered by the remarkable outpouring of good wishes, tributes, and personal ‘Mary stories’ told, with heart, by those touched by her grace. As long as we all remember her, talk about her, share our stories about her, and what she meant to us, her light will never go out.”