Who’s ready to rodeo?

The 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo kicks off Tuesday. There is so much to see and do at NRG Park during the rodeo, and all of it -- along the midway, in the stadium and in NRG Center -- has to be ready to go in less than a day.

“Everyone is trying to get the last coats of paint on things. Seating is coming together. Exhibits are coming together,” said Julie Bass, executive director of General Exhibits and Attractions.

Among these exhibits includes a new bug terrarium in the AgVenture area.

Most of these spots are empty, but some tenants – like a tarantula and cockroaches – have already moved in. There is also an animatronic addition.

“It is an up-close and personal look at what an insect does,” Bass said.

Press a button, and these guys come to life. Visitors can also watch life come into the world in the nearby birthing center where you can visit lots of mamas ready-to-pop mama cows and some brand-new piglets: the Bacon Bits.

Bacon is on the menu over at restaurant row, just outside NRG Center, along with all the rodeo staples like alligator on a stick and rotisserie chicken.

Toddler Scarlett seems to be a fan.

“She loves it. She loves the chicken,” said Coral Perez, HLSR restaurant worker.

“I actually tried the bacon Nutella pickle, which is brand new, during the barbeque. I have to say, it was absolutely outstanding,” said Joel, Cowley, HLSR president.

Whatever it is you love about rodeo in Houston, it will be ready for you first thing Tuesday morning.

“We welcome everyone to come out here and enjoy the 2017 show,” Cowley said.

If you can’t splurge to see the rodeo and concerts, don’t worry. A day pass will get you access to the carnival, midway and NRG Center.

They are just $5 for kids and $10 for adults.