HOUSTON -- After years of speculation, hoping, wishing and guessing we now have evidence of where Houston's first In-N-Out burger will be located.

Tax records from the Harris County Appraisal District show the famous burger chain purchased property at 8373 Westheimer Road, near the Dunvale Walmart, effective May 18.

The company has not made an official announcement nor does the location show up on its website upcoming "grand openings" list. But in January, the Houston Business Journal reported a big reveal was planned for sometime late 2017.

The company responded to an email on Wednesday afternoon that confirmed it had purchased the property here as a potential future restaurant site, and they are in the very early stages of evaluating opportunities.

While Dallas and Austin already have dozens of In-N-Out locations, Houston so far has been left out.

The restaurant is known for its simple burger menu, and its customers often using the term "animal style."

Tax Infromation