It's been one heck of an election year between two candidates with historically high unfavorables. So at this popular Houston bakery, they're trying to sweeten up the bitter battle for the White House.

"We've got to really keep it cranking here," said Three Brothers Bakery owner Bobby Jucker.

He and his bakery team are mixing, whipping and carefully crafting trays full of candidate cookies. They’ve got Donald Trump. They’ve got Hillary Clinton. And more.

"If you don't like either one of those, we got "Gingy," and he's actually not doing that bad," Jucker said.

At the bakery, they're keeping track of who's on top. Right now, Clinton's in the lead with 46 percent of sales, Trump is at 40 percent and "Gingy," who's not even on the ballot, is coming in at 14 percent.

"It kind of tells you people are not very happy with the choices that are out there," Jucker said.

Jucker says his cookie poll has predicted the right winner each time: Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Now with 32 days left until America votes, every cookie counts.

"I think it's going to get tighter," Jucker said. "More people are going to cast their votes, so I think we're going to see a very, very close race.

Early voting in Texas doesn't start for another few weeks, so why not cast your ballot now with a cookie? But unlike the candidates, remember to keep it civil. Jucker says so far, so good.

"We haven't had any fights yet," Jucker said. "But we've had some people go, ‘We can't believe you're getting that cookie or that cookie.’"

But no matter who you vote for, you'll walk out of this polling place with a smile and a sweet taste in your mouth.

You can purchase the election cookies at any of the Three Brothers locations in Houston up until Election Day.