HOUSTON – America is the largest producer of candy in the world, so is it any wonder that we have a National Candy Month?

And that month is June!

We celebrated it at one of Houston's top ranked sweet shops, Cacao and Cardamom Chocolatiers across from The Galleria.

Our KHOU morning team fielded a few trivia questions. Do you know the answers? (Correct answers are below. No peeking.)

1 — The number one candy in America is:

A) Hershey’s Bar

B) M&M's

C) Skittles

2 – Biggest holiday for candy sales is:

A) Easter

B) Mother’s Day

C) Valentine’s Day

3 —Three Musketeers name is inspired by:

A) The novel

B) The recipe

C) The product’s jingle

4 — Snickers is named after:

A) A horse

B) A family

C) A town

For more info on Cacao and Cardamom, click here.

ANSWERS: 1-B, 2-A, 3-B (Three Musketeers used to come in three sections; one vanilla, one strawberry, one chocolate. Later the filling was reduced to just the chocolate), 4-A