It's hard to describe what takes place at Flying Saucer Pie Company on the day before Thanksgiving. You really have to experience it for yourself.

The lines stretched for blocks. From Air 11, the view even wilder. The wait was often more than three hours for pie.

Everyone in line has a different story to tell. There are first timers, folks who travel from different cities, and lifelong Houstonians who just want to take part in the Thanksgiving tradition.

Wives also send their husbands to stand in line for them and bring home the special pies. Flying Saucer's bestseller is strawberry creme.

In the kitchen, there wasn't much time for breaks. The bakery manager says they'd been baking day and night for the past three days. By the time they closed Wednesday, they'd baked 35,000 pies. Every last one of them was sold before closing time.

"I think when you take a bite, you taste the love," said Tania Martinez. "It's a family-owned company. They pour their love into these pies. Once you eat it, there's nothing that can touch it. It's that good."