Ben Stiller has an important PSA for men: Ask your doctor for a PSA test because it could save your life, like it did his.

In an essay for Medium published Tuesday, the actor/writer/director says that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago. The piece was published following an appearance on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show Tuesday morning where he and his doctor, Edward Schaeffer, discussed his diagnosis publicly for the first time in the hope that men will start getting tested younger than the standard age of 50.

Stiller shared that his doctor decided to include the Prostate Specific Antigen test among his bloodwork during an annual physical when he was 46, even though he didn't have a family history of protstate cancer and wasn't considered part of an at-risk group.

Stiller's PSA levels continued to rise over the next two years, so his internist referred him to a urologist, who ordered a MRI, which confirmed the presence of a tumor and a biopsy to check whether or not the mass was malignant. In June 2014, he learned his tumor was cancerous.

"I had a Gleason score of 7 (3+4), which is categorized 'mid-range aggressive cancer,'" he recalls "Surgery was recommended."

In between doctor appointments, Stiller says he began hitting Google to learn about his illness and to see who else had it. "John KerryJoe Torre … Excellent, both still going strong. Mandy PatinkinRobert DeNiro. They’re vital."

One thing he learned? "Not to Google 'people who died of prostate cancer' immediately after being diagnosed with prostate cancer)."