LOS ANGELES - The Bat-Signal lit up over Los Angeles on Thursday night, in tribute to the late Adam West, the actor best-known for playing Batman in the campy 1960 television series.

West died Friday at age 88.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti had the Bat-Signal aimed at the side of L.A.'s City Hall to honor West, with hundreds of fans in attendance.

In Batman comics, movies and TV shows, the Bat-Signal is a spotlight with the shadow of Batman's winged emblem that is shown on the night sky to call for Batman's help.

Batman is often referred to as the Dark Knight, but West's children said in a statement that he aspired to positivity and always saw himself as "The Bright Knight."

The Bat-Signal shines on the side of Los Angeles City Hall to honor late "Batman" actor Adam West. (Thursday, June 16, 2017)