Twenty years after legendary Texas songwriter Townes Van Zandt died, a father asked his daughter and Austin musician to sing a song of her choosing so he could test out his new microphone.

To no surprise to him, singer Jaimee Harris sang "Buckskin Stallion," a Van Zandt song. After all, "clearly she was raised right," her father, Chris Harris, said.

Chris then shared that recording on YouTube and Austin's subreddit on Jan. 1, 2017 -- 20 years after Van Zandt died due to health problems stemming from years of substance abuse.

We'll let the recording speak for itself:

Her rendition resonated with die-hard Van Zandt fans on the Reddit thread. Many who commented said they "don't like when people attempt to cover Townes songs, as it is difficult to do them justice." This was definitely not one of those covers.

Like a true dad, after sharing her recording, Chris pleaded with the Austin Reddit community, "please don't tell her -- she will be pissed."

Well, we're sure glad this particular dad decided to take that risk.