Are you looking for last-minute flight deals for the Thanksgiving holiday week?

If so, travel experts say you are out of luck.

“No, there are no deals to be had,” says former chief scientist at PROS pricing company and University of Houston professor Andy Brown. “But on the positive side, on the holiday weekend there are still tickets to be had and they’re not horrendously expensive. One of the nice things about how airlines price tickets is they do leave some seats available for people who want to buy at the last minute.” tells KHOU 11 traveling on certain days around the holiday can save you some money.

A flight from Houston to Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Day is about $80 cheaper than those departing the day before on November 22.

The most-expensive day to fly this holiday week is November 27.

You can also save if you are able to fly on Monday instead of the day before Thanksgiving. A flight from Houston to New York is about $50 cheaper and a flight from Houston to Chicago is about $75 cheaper.

Experts say you should buy a ticket now if you are planning on flying for the Christmas holiday.

The fares will only continue to rise as the calendar moves closer to the new year.