"Fun" line dancing in Houston


by mponto


Posted on November 16, 2009 at 2:12 PM

Line dancing at Southern Country in HoustonWhen I left Tampa, everyone told me that when I moved to Houston I would have to learn how to line dance and how to two-step.

So taking the easy way out, I decided line dancing sounded the easier of the two because: a) you don't need a partner and b) you only need to dance in a line instead of around the dance floor.

I only had one problem: where to do it.

Being a webbie, I turned to Google as my guide and typed in "fun line dancing in Houston". The key word here is "fun" because the last thing I wanted to do is something serious.

I couldn't get a picture of me line dancing, but did get some of people two-steppin

Good thing there actually is a "fun" line dancing place that came up in the search. It's called Southern Country on Brazos. The lessons are free, the drinks are cheap, and it's five minutes from the station -what more can I ask for?

Plus...and this is what sold me...the line dancing music is to disco and dance remixes!! Yay!! I know some of you are thinking this is sooooo wrong, but keep in mind I've only been here a little while so I'm trying to break into the Texas ways slowly.

More dancing at Southern Country in Houston

Anyway, I went last Thursday and had a blast. While I was definitely not the most graceful dancer on the floor, I did learn the moves by the end of the lesson and was even able to pick up a couple other easy dances. The instructors were fabulous and everyone was friendly.

Southern Country doesn't just have line dancing. They also play two-steps, cowboy cha-chas, West coast swings and other dances which I have no idea how to do yet. They are teaching two-step next week so I may have to go again. Plus, their line dancing routine will be to Mamma Mia by A*Teens (both the line dancing and two-step lessons are free).

But before you don your boots and rush out the door, there's one thing you need to know about Southern Country. It's a gay bar.

And yes, I did know before I went, but I figured it would be safe place for a girl to hang by herself. Plus, I wasn't the only one. While there, I met a couple of Taiwanese exchange students, a professional dancer honing her skills, and a group of girls celebrating a birthday who thought line dancing would be a fun adventure.

And they were right; it was fun.