Sarah Shah - Be cool going back to school


Posted on August 19, 2009 at 5:01 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 22 at 6:19 PM

Sarah has been on the prowl for cool and eco-friendly supplies for back to school.


?Mom Agenda Desk Folio - great organizing system for moms to keep track of kids activities, babysitter info, kid's chores, etc. (folio $32, agenda $45,

?Password Organizer - are you getting overwhelmed by all the passwords you need now? Here's an organizer just for them. it won't attract attention because it looks like a boring address book. ($19.99 at

School Supplies

?Sharpie Permanent Pens

?Be Green Pens from Pilot - eco-friendly pens made from 70%+ recycled materials. Same price and quality as the conventional pens. (, office max, target)

?Smencils - scented pencils made from recycled newspaper (, $11.50)

?Lapsac - "purse" and laptop bag in one ($58

?Osprey Book/Laptop Bags - these durable bags have pockets for everything (laptop, ipod, cell phone, water bottle and personal items) and a padded shoulder strap. (Float $79, Flip $69, REI)


?Digital Picture Frame - Pop your digital camera's memory card right into the Giinii frame. ($149, Wal-Mart)

?Pulse SmartPen - Keep track of the audio in the room as you take notes. Miss something, just go back to your notes, and the pen replays the conversation that took place when you took those notes! ($199,

?HP Pavilion dv5 Entertainment Notebook PC - Has all the features a college student wants - Webcam, TV, Wi-fi, Quick Play ($549.99,

?Protective Neoprene Laptop Case - These cases protect against shock, scratches, and moisture and come in colorful, high-resolution designs. You can even upload your favorite pictures and have them printed on your bag. ($35,

?Electronics Wipes - E-tronic wipes are made for cleaning TVs, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets. ($5.49, Target)

Lunch Box

?Organic fruit & nut snacks - Peeled Snacks ($2-$3 at Whole Foods or Give away -audience

?Stainless Steel Water Bottles - 100% food-grade stainless steel water bottles. No need for plastic water bottles when you use this reusable bottle with filtered water from home. ($14,

?Reusable Sandwich Wraps - No need to throw away a baggie every day. The Wrap-n-mat is an eco-friendly way to keep your sandwich clean and fresh. (made in the USA, $6.50,

?School Jersey Napkins - napkins that look like college jerseys ($3.19 for pack of 8,


?Just Be T-Shirts - These cute t-shirts come with sayings like "Be Muddy, Be Sweet, Be Organic ($15,

?Eco Friendly Shoes - These cute shoes are by J-41 Shoes. The soles are made from 51% recycled rubber and the uppers from 100% recycled material (Pal Vegan $89, Madrid Vegan $99, Urban Sole Outpost, Whole Earth Provision Company,

?Zeno Zit Zapper - This gadget uses low level heat to kill the bacteria in occasional blemishes ($89, Wal-Greens, Target)

Dorm Room -

?Reusable Grocery Bags - Now you don't have to figure out what to do with all those plastic grocery bags. Envirosax are reusable and washable. ($35 for pack of 5,

Give Away - 5 bags

?Laundry 101 Bag - laundry bag with instructions printed right on the bag ($38,

?Nellie's Natural Laundry Nuggets - easy, pre-measured and biodegradable - ($17,

?Room & Linen Spray - keeps the dorm room smelling good ($34, signature perfume

?Poo-Pourri - Keep the common bathroom smelling sweet with a natural bathroom spray ($10 - $15